Thumbnail generation for files! 📸

Thumbnails are now being generated automatically for more than 100 different file types! Video, PDF, Photoshop, InDesign and many many more file types will now show a thumbnail of the file content, instead of the icons used before.

Remember you can always override the thumbnail for a file if needed. Just navigate to the file and click the thumbnail in the top left corner to set a new thumbnail.

API Updates 🤓

A few improvements has been implemented in the API:

  • Documentation updated with better examples and more elaborate explanations on
  • Better destinction between Core and User Attributes.
  • Dates are now returned as a combined date and time in ISO 8601 format
  • Better error responses

'Variation Of' now available in Exports 📄

Until today it has only been possible to output the 'Variation Of' value in Feeds. Now you can also export 'Variation Of' directly in exports from the All Products-screen. Furthermore exports are running much faster 🚀

Updated Import Interface 🤩

The interface for importing has gotten a big makeover and is much more user friendly now. To avoid import errors before they happen, a new step of confirming the data is being displayed correctly before mathcing columns has been introduced (confirm charset settings).

Expand Thumbnails in Tables 👀

If you hover over a thumbnail in a table, you'll now see a bigger version. If you click the bigger version, an even bigger version will show and allow you to flip through multiple images in media gallery attributes. Try it out and let us know how you like it 😊 Expand Thumbnail.PNG

Enhanced File Management 🗃

The Files-section of your PIM has received a big makeover in order for you to work even more efficiently. Now you can sort by the columns in the table, filter out specific files based on file type, size etc. and also execute bulk actions across multiple files. Furthermore, a grid view has been implemented so you can get a better overview of your files with larger thumbnails.

New Support Chat 💬

A new support chat has been implemented for you to have an even better experience when you need a little help from us. The new chat can both connect you directly to a Plytix agent for a live chat, and also help you submit service tickets such as feature suggestions or if you happen to find a bug in the system.

By all means pop in and say hi to us, we love to chat! You don't need to have a problem at hand to say hi, if you just feel like cracking an inappropriate joke or want to know about the best restaurants in the south of Spain, we're there for you 😇

In-Table Editing is here! 🥳

You can now edit your product attributes directly from the All Products-screen! If you hover your cursor over the headers, you can click the edit icon, this enables you to work your way down the rows in spreadsheet-style and manipulate an attribute across multiple products very quickly.


The API is now public 🎉🥂🎊

We are very happy to report that the API for the PIM has been published! You can swing over to to take a closer look at the functionalities. The entire Plytix application has also been migrated to the API, in order to "take our own medicine" before releasing it to the public.

What is an API!?

In short, an API allows for other software platforms to talk directly with Plytix. Ie. you can get your ERP-system to automatically create new products in Plytix and flag them for content enrichment, hereby eliminating the manual task of uploading new products to the PIM, neat!

Optimized Product Editing Screen 🤩

After processing all your valuable feedback, we're happy to present the new product editing screen! Product information is being put at the center and a palette of new functionalities will significantly enhance the experience of working with your product information.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Plytix will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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